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Interested In Aquatic Farming in Alaska? Interested in Living Remotely? Just Browsing?

Alaska is a great place for aquatic farms. Pristine, cold waters teeming with marine life produce some of the best tasting oysters, goeducks, clams and other shellfish in the world.


Dave Chipman, April 2006 on his farm on Windy Bay in Prince William Sound, Alaska

So why go into aquatic farming?

Welcome to Rocky Bay Oysters

This web site is for "information and contact purposes only" for now, as we are not yet big enough to sell on a large scale. In the site we will show what we do, how we do it, and where we do it fromi. We will also provide information and lnks for those interested in aquatic farming or in living remotely in Alaska - or just in Alaska. When we are ready to sell on a larger scale, we will announce it here. So, for now, feel free to browse through the site and get a feel for how we grow oysters in the best part of God's real country: the Great State of Alaska. 

We are a small and relatively new aquatic farm operating in a remote part of Southeast Alaska. We are 100% Veteran owned and operated. One of us lives at the farm, and the other lives in Ketchkan.

We are a (truely) remote farm. The only ways to get here are by float pane or boat. Almost everything we use or consume has to be brought in, and the trash hauled back out. The area is pure, pristine, and quiet. A great place for growing oysters.

Currently we grow only Pacific oysters, but they are damn good! For now, most of our product is sold "local" to the nearby towns, with some going to Anchorage occasionally. In a few years, :God willing & the creek don't rise," we will be producing enough to sell to a larger market. When that happens, we will announce it here.

The web pages will give you a lot more information on us and what we do. WE have tried to be open, honest and frank on everything. If you are looking around, understand that this is information from the source, and so it is unfiltered, may have errors, and will definitely be opinionated. Respect that and be careful not to take anything out of context or as authoritiative.

We hope this site gives you a better feel for the quaility of our oysters and the reasons they are considered some of the best.




CONTACT US: If, after looking through the site, you still have questions, feel free to email us. We will try and answer it as soon as possible. Also, be patient if you don't see a quick response to a query you make - we are probably out working, or repairing, or doing chores - or just goofing off.